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Challenges and stresses experienced by athletes and coaches leading up to the Paralympic Games.
Long-Term Athlete Development addresses historical problems in sport. Long-Term Development framework has been developed to answer issues that have historically hampered athlete development in many Canadian sports. Long-Term Development is designed to address problems such as over-competing, under-training, ignoring developmental stages, and more. Long-Term Development addresses several traditional shortcomings in the Canadian sport system that have led to serious consequences in the training and development of our athletes

Sometimes they faces bully which can makes a person depressed!

When you sign your kids up for sports, you hope they will have fun, get some exercise, and learn new skills.

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  • Sometime they face racism ….gender inequality… And many more……

25 transgender athletes you should know https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbsnews.com/amp/pictures/25-transgender-athletes-you-should-know/

Empower your child.

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